Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Science Project" in Atticus Review

Because of summer traveling and, now, the beginning of the semester, I neglected to post that my flash fiction "Science Project" was published in Atticus Review on August 15. Many thanks to Michelle Ross and the team at Atticus. The story began as an exercise written in class during one of the fiction workshops I was teaching a few years ago. (I like to do the exercises I assign along with my students.) I toyed with it a bit. I might even have submitted it to one or two places. But then I put it away, intending to work on it at some later point, and forgot about it. Recently, going back through some old work, I found it and went through it again, sentence by sentence, sharpening the language and strengthening the father-son relationship between the scientist and the boy. It's a satisfying feeling to reclaim and improve old work. I hope you enjoy it.